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Map tactics on how to better support your team with French cruisers?

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So...in a rough spot with high tier French cruisers. How do you guys gauge map awerness to best use your abilities and support your team?

1. Do you follow BB pushes and support?

2. Do you run around map using speed boost and find targets of opportunity?

3. Do you sail to spots where DDs are and try to support killing them.

Just trying to get better on gauging how the map is flowing to best support the team. I feel sometimes im out of positon on key areas.

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Do not clump up with your team's bb. your job is to be an annoyance the entire battle.  Annoy them in the beginning by setting them on fire and getting chip damage, annoy them towards the end of the battle by not giving them a chance to heal up in safety.

You want to be in a spot where for the enemy to shoot you, they have to turn their guns or ship.  Force them to make a decision on whether to shoot you, and turn broadside to your team, or let you eat away at their health for free. And you can only do so by not being a part of the lemming train.

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One "tactic" I've noticed. Especially seen in high tiers (8,10), the cruiser has its aft facing the threat. Staying relatively in position engaging and dodging shells. It was very difficult for me to guess whether that ship was moving forward, reversing, or halted. The smoke plume didn't render on my end half the time. Which was really annoying.

By the way, is this a graphical setting? 

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