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Okay, this is just things that have been bugging me for awhile and I haven't gotten around to saying anything beyond my clan. It's in no particular order, but I guess that means they bug me about equally. As a disclaimer, this isn't about the CV rework, personally I like it, it means CV players have to actually have skill and work for their kills instead of sit in map mode pointing and clicking like some clerk. Good job at least there. Now on with my complaints.

1) I guess maybe this one is a little more equal than the others, since it's been bugging me the longest. This trend towards premium ships Not being so premium or watered down versions of a tiered ship. This and nerfing the hell out of any ship that shows promise at being worth learning. well. When each ship is the same, the game is absolutely boring. Each ship should have strengths and weaknesses, some ships should be kick [edited]once someone learns to play it right. That's what's called developing skills, which is what this was all about. I'm never going to be a great player, but in some ships when it comes together, I like that I can use it to the best of it's ability and kick [edited], go me the mediocre player.

2) incessant banner and logo spamming. Yeah, I know clan wars is coming up, you don't have to tell me five times in a game, I got you the first time. When the banner decides not to go away when I click the close, guess what, I do. The  same with those little irritating logo things which shows there's new stories. I've had times I've clicked through the whole list and it still doesn't go away. My eye is attracted to that stupid thing every time I'm in port, distracts the hell out of me.

3) No way to opt out of the patches. Hey, I think it's great that some people went and made some more symbols, but I'm not going to stop using my cool emblem okay? I don't want them messing with my tidy port layout by putting that annoying logo up after I get one. Just, don't, okay?

4) Ease up on the capitalism bit, you're getting too greedy. The game was better when you actually gave away cool stuff and let a person decide their level of participation in the spending. You had cool actual Premium, premium ships that I used to look forward to. Now it's a crap shoot, is it going to be truly a premium ship, or a warmed over rework of one of the tiered ships, only worse? Yeah, I understand there are expenses and staff has to be paid, but don't go all quarterly profit mongering on us, where the bottom line is more important than the playability of the game. Also, if you get too big Putin is going to want his cut.

5) Listen to the old salts and not a bunch of newbies who don't freaking know a Japanese DD from a Soviet. Different playstyles require time to try and develop, when I first joined a millennia ago(it seems), you kept flashing banners at me to become a contributor, since I didn't know what I was doing and would have made some really bad calls as far as playability and tweaking ships go, I declined, though I did buy a few of the ships offered, like the Anshan and Loyang. Try and get some kind of feedback from people who've been playing for awhile and not the newbies, newbies (playing less than about a year, year and a half) will make bad calls. With the number of ships out there, even when I was new and we didn't have the Brits, French or Pan-Asian there was still too many ships to play around with to be able to get a feel for the whole game milieu.  If you turn every ship into a cookie cutter version of the next, you will lose players. Only a newbie would want something like that, since they haven't learned the subtleties of the different ships. Yeah, the Atalanta might seem overpowered to a newbie because this little cruiser can burn their T8 BB down to the waterline. Of course an experienced player knows how to use it, it is by no means overpowered considering a single lucky salvo can take it out even if it is at full health. Don't ruin the game by listening to the inexperienced. 


Okay, glad to get this off my chest,  please keep our game playable.

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