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[ALL] Transparent AA tracers

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This mod makes the AA tracers transparent. AA will still be effective and flak bursts are visible. Only the rounds going up will be invisible. This is done by making the tracer texture files completely transparent using a DDS editor. The contents of this mod are completely static DDS files.

Install by placing res_mod folder into your Wows install directory if you have version Any other version then take the "particles" subfolder of the archive and place it into the <Wows dir>\res_mod\<current version> folder. For example if you have Wows installed on C:\Games then place the particles folder into C:\Games\World of Warships\res_mod\ If you want uninstall then just delete the files that you copied for the install. This will revert to previous behavior. Do not delete or overwrite files if they are already present from different mod. File attached as well as link below.




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The problem is can it increases the fps caused by loads of AA trails or takes off some of my GPU load?

The only way to low my GPU load in battle is to decrease the capped fps value to 45, this way it does decrease my CPU usuage too. Decrease the chance my laptop get overheat and throttle for it.

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