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the design history of the IJN navy rocket Fighter.

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in a attempt to make a light mobile aircraft we have reduced it fuel tank giving it a shorter time where it can engage in boost before running low on fuel it is also made out of lighter materials that should allow it to be even more  mobile and evasive at the cost of lower hp.however this as lead to the aircraft being a bit rocky to compensate we have a 2 fold strategy. we armed our fighters with more but weaker rockets and we suggest the fighters to drop in altitude sooner in preparation for the attack run giving the skillful pilots of the IJN navy time to stabilize there aircraft.



however do to the current empire resource situation caused by the embargo we had to replace some parts on the IJN Navy Fighters. the rockets  now have a reduced time in green before forcing the plane to  abort it strafing run do to shorter fuses on the rockets, forcing the fighters to engage enemies at a closer range.the new cheaper aviation rudder  lose there agility when diving down to lower altitudes in preparation for a strafing run and are practically forced to fly in a straight line unless the pilot skillfully shifts there body weight on 1 side of the plane making it slowly shift in that direction.

so in short we have a slow, low hp, low maneuverability fighter that requires a long prep time to be effective but have a short fuse on engagement time.

originally it was suppose to be a slow, low hp, high maneuverability fighter that requires a long prep time to narrow the aim before getting into AA fire bubble.


in reality it best to use it in a suicide attack at the start of the match on a cruiser you might do 5k damage and spark a fire making him waste his repair. it can also be use on dangerous recon or suicide missions as losing the squadron won't be painful.

in a combat role it best suited to attack cruisers and battleships to try to break some AA gun's and possibly cause a fire so your follow up torpedo run's will be easier and may leave lasting flooding with some luck.

or at least in my experience so far.



i feel like the new rocket fighter is like the M2 bradley from pantagon wars.


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