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Clarification Please.

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Can the resident experts please clarify exactly WHICH class is actually OP this week(or even just today)?

I hear that BBs are obliterating CL's in the blink of an eye, CV's are decimating poor little DD's everywhere you look, and DD's are retaliating by effectively "one shotting" BB's with massive torp strikes.

CA/CL's seem to be keeping a low profile, but I just assume that to mean they are hiding behind islands burning anything that moves.

Is all getting a bit confusing.:Smile_amazed:



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CVs are suffering from super AA unless you are tier10 CV.spotting the DDs and anything else that is not a minotaur.

BBs are suffering from the usual threats. DD that the CV/DD don't spot,HE spam and getting hit by enemy BB.

Cruisers are fighting to keep the CV's planes away from DDs and BBs,taking down the enemy BB and DDs.

DDs are trying (and failing) to evade CV big eyes,torp BBs,fight DDs and not get spotted by cruisers.

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