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When the Cross-Server Clan Battle was announced the times were given as UTC.    Now today when I clicked on Clan Battle Schedule it is a major confusion, not only to me, but a number of other players I've gone over this with.    Using my base time as 0630 Pacific Day Light Savings Time I see that the Mon 11 March ASIA server is from "03:00-06:30" followed by "Ends in 60 minutes".   Then in a column to the right is this sentence: "The time shown is for your time zone: PDT -1".   If I subtract 1 from my base time it would then be 05:30

I don't know if the "09:00 - 13:00/EU" that now states, "Starts in 3 Hours" will start at 0900 Pacific Daylight time or 0800 (-1) Pacific Daylight Savings Time. 

A teammate who is Mountain Time Daylight Savings Time does not have the -1 but his time zone is shown as "PDT"???????

Will someone, please simplify this as it is currently very confusing to everyone I have spoken with.

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Yeah not sure what genius decided to schedule times as a time-zone + X.  I'm on the east coast.  The schedule lists the time as 15:30 - 19:30, but over on the right it lists "PDT + 2".  If you can't detect my timezone, just list a timezone that it starts. Listing a timezone then + X (which still isn't in my timezone) is a very convoluted way of listing a schedule. 

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Interestingly, since I'm in AZ with no DST...our clan was able to play for 5 hrs by having me as div commander.  Other clan mates were showing "clan battles ended" while I was showing "clan battles ends in 1 hour".  We switched me in as div commander, and we were able to all play for that additional hour.  We have 49 mbrs in our clan, but given the time of day, we only had 8-10 folks able to play.  Playing 5 straight hours of CB was kind of a chore.

I welcome the ability to choose alternate an alternate schedule AND the opportunity to play against clans on other servers.


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