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Behold: A THING! Aircraft HP Values Visualized!

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Okay so this is the product of much boredom, a need to get baseline stats for use in future carrier proposals, and experimentation with charts in Google Docs. Everyone, behold: A comparison of the HP of all elite aircraft for each tier 4, 6, and 8 (still no solid data on Audacious to do 10) in the game. A brief explanation first though, since apparently labelling is an entirely fickle and arcane task to this software.

Each carrier's top aircraft are listed in comparison to their tier-mates, you'll note that they all have four bars. The first bar (blue) is the HP of one individual plane. The second (red) is the HP of one attacking group, i.e.the number of planes that go on an attack run when you click. The third bar (yellow) is the HP of an entire flight, i.e. the maximum number of planes that can be airborne of that type and under player control at once. The fourth bar (green) is the total HP of all "on deck" planes of that type, basically the total number of planes that you start battle with and the maximum that your carrier can regen to. So, for example, Lexington's F4U-1D Corsairs attack in groups of 3, have 9 planes in a flight, and can have a total of 14 planes in reserve, so each bar is the aircraft's base HP x1, x3, x9, and finally x14. Make sense? Alright, let's dig in then!







Now things are going to get interesting as we move on to the VERY populous tier 8. Note that Indomitable has no torpedo bombers.




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