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Just managed to grind my 2nd british cv pack with fly sky thing.

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Just ground my 2nd british cv pack from the fly sky thing.

Got a captain and flags and all sorts of crap.


It also got me a brand new ship the charleston wow thanks wg :D.

I also got a thank you from wg for collecting 100 ships or something?? thank you.




Goodbye hermes.

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Nice one. I got the Hermes, but stopped trying to work for em and just spammed credits and flags. Starting to wish I had waited and grabbed the second bundle... but ehh. Easier to just spam signals. I dont play CVs anyway, and dont have any immediate plans to either.

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Nice, they are a more noob friendly CV IMO.  I managed to get the 3rd Implacable.  She is a big girl.  Keep grinding mate.

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I'm a bit new to CVs, having never touched them prior to the rework and not until I was able to get the three RN CVs via the Arsenal. It's a bit of a learning curve, but what I have noticed it the T4 stuff is really not intended to do anything influential to the game other than perhaps to get one acquainted? It creeps up slowly as you move up in tier, but God forbid you get up tiered. Implacable has this less than implacable record when sailing against largely T10 teams. CVs have been a really contentious issue since... Well... Ever and I feel they're still a long ways off of finding that happy middle ground at present. I almost feel like just logging when I see what MM sends my way and it's a T10 match. You really struggle to do anything of any use for the team. I was thinking that CVs should be MM capped to their tier so that they will pool into games where they will face only their tier and below. It's hard to do with the surface ships being able to move either way, but in any event; they can't be left as is due to the utter nonsense that is how fast your planes melt when anywhere near decent T9/10 AA builds. And, this is a reality devoid of any real means to counter it or avoid it less you would rather fly about and not do anything.

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