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Hermes, or a Rant about her "Dive Bombers"

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This is a short, non-factual, and opinionated-type (my opinion) post on the tier 4 Royal Navy carrier Hermes. As a note, I'll be comparing it to the it's Japanese equivalent, Hosho. 

About Me...
Nothing too much to say. I'm a casual, haven't even gotten to tier 10 yet. But as for Hosho and Hermes, I've got 3 random battles in Hosho and 2 in Hermes. In co-op, it's 8 battles in Hosho and 7 in Hermes. 

The Format
The format of this post will be rocket (attack) aircraft, torpedo bombers, dive bombers, and miscellaneous

Rocket (Attack) Aircraft


They're just meh, and not very interesting. Because I play with the Hosho, the rockets aboard Hermes are less accurate, and the aiming reticle blooms more when your squadron conducts evasive maneuvers. But overall, they're essentially the same.

tl:dr? Meh, forgettable but usable.

Torpedo Bombers (!!!)


Easily the best part about Hermes. Her torpedoes are faster fusing buts slower in comparison to Hosho, she also has a faster aiming time too. If a player's skilled enough, I'd imagine landing torpedo hits on destroyers wouldn't be difficult at all. Easily the best part of the ship, I had the most fun using the torpedo bombers. 

Although, one flaw does exist. Torpedoes on Hermes cause high 3K to low 4K damage per strike, meanwhile, Hosho's torpedoes cause mid 4K to high 4K damage per strike. But I think that's an acceptable tradeoff for ease of usage and a bigger target range. 

tl:dr? Best torpedoes of tier IV CVs.

Dive Normal Bombers (?)


Because Hermes is a RN CV, instead of normal dive bombers, her bombers deploy the tactic of carpet bombing. The size of the squadron is 3 aircraft, with 3 attack runs, and due to the tactic employed, instead of 1 large and heavy bomb capable of penetration, the "dive" bombers aboard Hermes carry a large load of numerous smaller and lighter bombs. 

When compared with normal dive bombers, aiming them is most likely much easier (due to the straight flying attack animation of the bombers when compared to the diving animation) and the rate of hits is much higher. But there are significant issues with the bombs themselves. 

For once, the bombs are absolutely useless for anything with greater than Armoured Cruiser-levels of armour. I've had 7 hits on a Myogi and all of them shattered, I've even gone up against a Friant once, I had 3 hits and 4 shatters. Sure, you could go for softer targets, but the awkward handling traits and the large reticle of the bombers combined with the agility of light cruisers and destroyers (in a Random game) renders your widespread cone of bombs to get much fewer hits. You might as well go for rockets. 

But when compared to Hosho's AP dive bombers, I consider them to be more useful. There's a wider target range and at least you have the chance to set fires

tl:dr? Hermes bombers > Hosho AP dive bombers (barely).

Two things of note here. Hermes has the best secondary armament and the worse AA armament of tier 4 carriers. 

She's carrying 6 140mm cruiser-style guns, firing HE, on each side. They're good enough to knock out a severely wounded DD within two to three hits (a DD with about slight more than +1000 hitpoints). To sweeten the deal, she's also carrying 3 single-barreled 102mm dual-purpose (DP) mounts as found on the cruiser Emerald. 

But this is the issue, Hermes AA complement consists of only these 3 single-barreled 102mm DP mounts, and they're the continuous damage type. That's all you get. I'd imagine only good positioning and maneuvering will save her from aerial attacks. 

It's a good carrier, on the same level of Hosho. But I can't help but think Langley might be the superior tier IV CV, at least in terms of doing damage, but then again, I've never played her. Again, the biggest issue I have with Hermes are its' bombers, it's trading accuracy for more chances of hits, but I don't think the payoff is worth it. Good luck to WG on balancing dive bombers. 

Wait a minute, why am I writing this if everyone probably has Hermes?

Edit: So after writing I realized that armoured cruisers in WoWS do not exist. Well, I'm writing off of memory and I classify things like St. Louis' and Charlestons as armoured cruisers, but they essentially have superstructure armour all-round. I just remembering using the bombers on a Charleson and getting lackluster damage. I'm beginning to think the penetration of the bombs are just extremely poor, or it the bombs are extremely inconsistent. If it makes anyone feel better, I can assure you these bombers will do excellent damage against a Katori. 

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Nice post dude ... actually i liked the 'carpet bombing' tactic, somehow brings a different playstile. The worst point of this CV IMO is the ridiculous AA defense :Smile_sceptic:

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