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Hey all. 

So, I've seen people complain about credits/exp obtained being low even when they manage to sink the most ships on the game. I'm aware that sinking a ship doesn't yield as much XP as cumulative damage, capping, etc. So I wanted to show off this match I had with my relatively new Baltimore (which I got thanks in part to the free xp generated from my Sims, bought thanks to the community input on one of my post. I don't regret it, thanks guys!), and was wondering if it can really be said it was a decent match Credit/Exp wise  (ended up 4th spot). Also, I'd like to invite you guys to show off how more or less your average/great match results look like, for some inspiration, you know?

Have a nice day, and fair seas!


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Partly I think the credits complaint comes from some players not understanding sinking a ship doesn’t count as much as damage done and ribbons farmed.

In a theoretical game with zero ships sunk, players on both sides could still potentially make out like bandits by farming damage, and capping and defense ribbons.

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