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Unbalanced battle for carriers

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i have problems about the game about the carriers, i like how is it but i dislike the tiers what they must fight actually i have the ryujo and can attack ships tier 7 whit problems but i can, but let a carrier tier 6 fight againts ships tier 8 are insane, cant even close to make a attack and the problem of that games are the 70% or the ships are tier 8, there is a carrier tier 8 i know that but dont put a carrier tier 6 fighting ships tier 8 cant do something than search the ships to get detection, a way to make this can be go back the carrier their tier 5 and tier 7 to make a better balanced battle whit carriers

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I agree that carriers should be on this scale. Being regulated to glorified spotter for 15 mins flying around in a bottom tier CV. You want to help your team by all planes get wiped before you can make attacks over half the time. I don't believe a CV should ever be the top tier except in tier 10 since that is where the tiers stop. But at tier 10 you are always against other 10's get the 1 BB that mm screwed that is a tier 8 but it happens. CV's are plagued by this currently. If you are a Tier 4 it is ok. Tier 10 is ok. But those in between Tiers can be a monster that makes people not wanna play them. 

Tiers 1-5 = A Tier 4 Carrier

Tiers 5-7 = A Tier 6 Carrier

Tiers 7-9 = A tier 8 Carrier

Tier 10 it is what it is. 



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