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Implacable Impressions

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So I finally got my hands on Implacable today and have taken it through a couple of matches to see what it can do. I should point out that I'm a co-op player and thus, these were co-op matches. I also only started on Cvs with the rework, though I had at least tried them back in the RTS system enough to: A- figure out that I wasn't much good at the RTS system, and B- quickly rush up the IJN CV tree just before the rework dropped using mostly (but not entirely) free xp (and therefore the majority of my CV experience comes from the IJN CVs, which are notably lacking in DOT ability).

I've been messing around with Hermes and Furious a bit since I unlocked them and haven't been too impressed. Slow, weak torps, bombing runs that seem geared towards hitting targets the size of the Großer Kurfürst, flooding nearly impossible to get to stick and weak when it does happen, "tanky" planes that really aren't as tanky as you would think, and we (should) all know how rockets got stomped into the dirt before these boats were even available to plebs like me. I figured Implacable would be more of the same, not to mention I know how much my Shokaku struggles against even tier 8 AA. To some degree I was right, the torps are still slow and weak, flooding is the same across the board anyway, and the rocket planes are still not that great. There is some light in the darkness, however. The planes actually do feel fairly tanky, although this ends up being slightly offset by the relatively small numbers of them available. The other thing is, at tier 8, you do start getting targets big enough to make the gimmicky bomb runs start working better. The bombs only pen 32mm of plating, so actual alpha is low, but you can actually set multiple fires per run and I've been surviving long enough to make at least 2 runs per squad. Suddenly the DOT aspect of the DOT class actually starts working and things become at least a bit enjoyable. I still have to rely on the torps when I need alpha damage (and they are still too weak for that in my opinion), but I'm actually starting to be able to rely on fires for much of my damage like I was able to do with floods in my IJN CVs before the nerf hammer came down and shook the some of the foundations of the game with the force of the impact.

I'm still only a few games into using Implacable, but there's almost something likable about that ugly British tub (seriously, why does the bow look like it got smashed with a hammer and why is the hull so lumpy along the sides? I get why sponsons are needed on CVs but geez, this is why I don't like the looks of modern CVs) I have had one hard carry of a team that disintegrated that I'll drop the results and replay from into a spoiler below, but it was a struggle to deal enough damage fast enough and I don't expect to be able to do that very often.


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Torpedoes - good, rockets and bombs - only if I am out of torpedoes.

Go for a flame thrower build on the captain.

You can wait until later to add the plane armor skill.

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