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Carrier squadrons

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Tried out the new carrier mechanism and had a real surprise. When the squadron was launched, I figured "Right use the magic keys to line up and bingo". Then when I went to turn and pressed the key, the planes flew straight on. The only way to control them was with the mouse and even then they would not turn when you wanted to. So, what am I doing wrong? I liked the old mechanism better since this noise about you can control the movement of the planes seems to be a fantasy. Do any of you that have played carriers steer me in the right direction on this as I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Like playing carriers, but if this keeps up, it will be like trying to play destroyers (which I cannot play at all).

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What do you mean? What key did you press?

You press the corresponding number key for a corresponding squadron TWICE, to launch a squadron. The squadron will fly forward automatically in a straight line, if you don't do anything. Pressing A or D key will steer the squadron in a wide turn(s). Pressing (and holding) W or S key will speed up or slow down, respectively, by consuming the speed boost meter. The mouse is used to subtle turns and fine tuning while lining up for a strike. Line up the grey aiming indicator with your target, then click on the left mouse button to launch a strike. The grey indicator will disappear, and then immediately replaced by a orange aiming indicator, closer to your squadron. As your squadron flies toward the target, the orange indicator will eventually turn green, which means the ordinance is ready to be dropped. Line up the green indicator with the target, then click on the left mouse button to release the ordinance.

It doesn't get any simpler than that, lol. I hope this helps. If not, sorry, and hopefully someone else might explain it better for you, lel.

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