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Hakuryu Buff thoughts and how 4 drop could be improved

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So on Wednesday, WG finally decided to make a buff for Hakuryu. While it did do some justice to the ship and it is good to see they are finally trying to fix some of the damage done, there is still one particular thing about Hakuryu. The buff only affected the 2 drop version of the torpedo bombers. 

The 4 drop version can cause good damage if you manage to push home an accurate strike, but the combination of the nerfs greatly hinders their potential. The fact that they fly on flak level whereas the 2 drop variant avoids flak damage by flying under it, the fact that the aim is so slow and wide at the start, makes using them very uncomfortable.

I think the best choice here is to buff the aiming and preparation time to be like the 0.8.0 version or at least close, but changing nothing else, except maybe slightly increasing torpedo speed if necessary. Making them comfortable and reliable to use, while still taking AA damage, will mean that the player will value the planes much more, but even if you lose a few planes pushing home a few accurate strikes with one squad would be worth it.

In conclusion, the 0.8.0 Hakuryu had some good qualities and a rather large skill gap, average and bad players could barely get over 100k whereas the very skilled and unicum players could easily get 400k and above. So, the idea that CVs could be insanely overpowered when in the right hands, but not so good when in the hands of a poor player, I like it very much. 

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What gets me the most is that both the British and American torpedo bombers feel so much more comfortable than the Japanese which I thought were supposed to be the more torpedo centric nation.

I would like to see a slight buff to the Hakuryus 4 torpedo drop and the option for the other carriers in the tech tree to use 2 or 3 torpedoes drops like the USN gets the choice between HVAC and Tiny Tim Rockets. Perhaps the 2 drop series could be more stealthy and the 3 drop set not as much. Sort of a trade off between stealthy torpedoes for easier, risk free drops for less total alpha damage versus risky drops for more damage.

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