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Twelve Old Ships

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To save the land from evil's stain
Twelve old warships did sail again

Two floating islands filled with birds
Two line-ships, massive, and a third

Three sloops of war, more proud than vain
The rest were a corvette quatrain

Once, long ago, they'd joined the fray
And in fierce battle saved the day

But now their ships were rusty hulks
And as old men they'd gained some bulk

They longed for home and front porch swings
Their grandkids, dogs and other things

But fight they must, just one more time
To loose their land would be a crime

The enemy was at the gate
And devastation was their fate

Their sons were fighting their own war
And they were all left on the shore

First, warbirds flew on tattered wing
But they flew straight and shells did ring

Eight birds and eight fell from the sky
Naught two remain, hark hear their cry

Though sight was all that the birds could do
The line-ships' volleys did land true

Three deadly cruisers with long sight
Three fearsome killers in their might

Now sank into a watery grave
Ne'er more a homeland to enslave

But screaming eagles filled the sky
The line-ships knew that death was nigh

Two proud ships now sank neath the waves
To join the enemy in their graves

Rally, old friends, the admiral cried
And one by one the enemy died

The too few left through spyglass peer
Over calm seas now free and clear

Then turn and sail back to their home
To sit on porch, ne'er more to roam

The children laugh, they run and play
Because twice their grandpas saved the day

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16 minutes ago, Estimated_Prophet said:

Downvote??? :Smile_amazed:

(poetry hater maybe?)

More likely the fact it at all references CV's, cause, y'know, people have to insist they have no place and have a radical, unneeded hatred and vitriol for them. Especially today, wonder if a full moon is out or something, actually exhausted my reports for the day on people, haven't done that in months, maybe a year+.

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12,607 posts
2 hours ago, Estimated_Prophet said:

Downvote??? :Smile_amazed:

(poetry hater maybe?)

I figure that to downvote me they at least have to visit my post, which increases my views count. 

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