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I have the latest download of Aslain Mods and have been using, for several downloads, the excellent Permanent Crew Mod.    It works fantastic, but when I want to transfer a Captain from one ship to a higher (or lower) Tier ship to become its permanent Captain I have not discovered how to remove the first Permanent Crew designation.    Is there a way to remove this designation once set?

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On 3/8/2019 at 9:39 AM, dbw86 said:

Permanent Crew Mod

I've never seen a mod by that name. 

You mean the Return Commander to Ship mod?  

That's not what it does. It's only useful for moving captains to/from premium ships.  

  • You cannot assign a commander permanently to a premium ship; he is still specialized for his tech tree ship. 
  • Assigning a commander to a tech tree ship that he is not specialized for always costs Db/Cr/points to re-train him. 

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