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Edinbrugh the unwanted goes into battle.

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Edinbrugh captain skills in red (training) 10 points.

2nd battle 116k damage.

Top of the table team wise.

What can i say its better than my exeter (15% win rate).



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Related note...I believe I just found the understanding to cruisers yesterday. With that said over the past 2 weeks I have been playing with a very stealthy Wichita with 9.5 concealment and not being overly aggressive due to no heal, playing cruiser rules, that boat is nothing but fun.

Before that time I could not figure out the Edinbrugh,  but with that 9.2 conceal now I do. My first game pattering the cruiser rules playstyle was my best game ever in that boat.

To understand cruisers will determine your success in this ship. My opinion has changed overnight.

Stealth w/radar not smoke. Abuse that 9.2 rating and rarely move around at full speed...that attracts attention. You move around at 1/2 speed... It's like you are hiding in plain sight.


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