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The Final Lesson [Honkai Impact 3rd]

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The Final Lesson clip with the English sub and Japanese dub was released with Honkai global starting this month.


To understand the video in some context, Kiana got captured and corrupted by Otto Apocalypse and turned into the Herrscher of the Void, also known as Queen Kiana or God Kiana.  Kiana turns against her comrades and friends.


In the preceding video, Kiana fights against Mei, their enemies the Anti Entropy sends a mech army in behalf of Mei, resulting in an all out battle with the Honkai Beasts.



Himeko is the instructor of the Valkryies, now faces God Kiana on her own.


The Final Lesson ends the story arc, and prepares the game to a new chapter.



Two of the best animated shorts I've seen, the last one gives me the weepies.  

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