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The Downvote Troll Song

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We have one thought stuck in head
Other thoughts our minds do dread
Simple minds not much can hold
We will fear you if you're bold

Verify it, we will not!
Facts might move us from our spot
If you do not think like us
We will toss you under bus!

Come together in big crowd
We are right if we are loud
If new idea approach our side
Will will run away and hide!

At computer we do sit
Temper tantrum, throw a fit
Spend our time posting all day
We have not the time to play

We see post we do not like
Different thoughts cause us much fright
Condone not alternate view
Thus we must now downvote you!





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Lol!! Like it mate!

You can also apply this to the Karma system. I’ve never had a ton but over the past couple of months been able to pick up at 25-30. Only took a couple of games in a CV to lose most of them though :cap_haloween:

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