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Scenario Review: Hermes

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With patch 0.8.0 recently upon us, players who spend a large amount of time or most of their time playing Scenarios/Operations have been rather disappointed with 5 out of 9 being removed from rotation, one of which is Hermes. This week, I started with Hermes for my videos as I haven't done a full replay for Hermes previously and was doing something different. What is everyone's thoughts on Hermes, and with it being removed from rotation to be changed, is there anything you would like WarGaming to change about it? Could be something like:

Keep nation restrictions but open up to ship types, i.e. allowing use of Colorado, North Carolina, Le Terrible, Benson.
Keep ship type restrictions but open up nations, i.e. allowing Yorck, Myoko, etc
Or some combination of the two or both?

Other thoughts is the thunderstorm was causing visual problems for some players and maybe that could be changed to lessen the problem.

Anything else anyone can think of?

My recent recordings for Hermes:



Funny Moments from Hermes



Simple Tactic Videos





Any comments on my videos or any other thoughts you have on the operation, feel free to give input. Maybe WarGaming can take note of what we want and incorporate it, assuming the operation comes back into rotation at some point.

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I like Hermes as it is/was.  Challenging but beatable.  Suggestions for adjustments will have to wait until the CV is re-programmed and we can evaluate the effect.  However, one change I'd like to see is to make the land-based aircraft more challenging.  Not a lot, but a little would go down nicely. With the AA power of e.g. Richelieu and Atlanta, they are largely irrelevant now, except sometimes right at the end when the task group is depleted.

While I understand that some players are frustrated that their ships aren't allowed to play Hermes, and us long-timers start to crave more variety.  But I don't think that it should be opened up.  A Scenario is built around a mission statement that is critical to immersion.  The statement for Hermes is, "Guard the gold ship so France can stay in the war" as an Ally.  Having Axis ships in the protection task group just blows up the mission statement. 

DDs I'm not sure about.  My first reaction is that they would blow up the mission, defeating spotting limitations, and killing red ships now on closely programmed paths. Colorado?  Okay, but I'll take Richelieu for this Op any day.  Schors?  Eh.  A case could be made.  Brit BBs?  Perhaps.  Gascogne?  Yes.   CVs?  Tier VI might be worth a try, but I don't think it would work well.

That is all.

P.S.  Hurry back Hermes.


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