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Limited CV fighter consumables

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If CV fighter consumable is going to be automatic without the option of turning it off, I feel there should not be a limitation of charges (for ship self-defense fighters).  I'm sick of losing one charge 45 seconds into the fight because the red CV was scouting at the very beginning of the match.  And because he saw me, and didn't even come within 9km of me, I now have 1 less fighter consumable.  

I suggest either giving the option to turn it off, or make it unlimited, and can be balanced with a cooldown in between launches/uses so there is a window of opportunity to be attacked when only AA is in effect.

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In all seriousness, the problem is the automatic consumables to begin with.   Although in this regard, the fighter is irrelevant.  You have many of them, they last a long time, and in the end they are pretty worthless, so they could be straight removed and not make much difference.   

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