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Balancing the Rework

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This is exactly what I predicted would happen  with 8.01 and now we have a forum full of CV players who find the 8.01 AA murderous. You cannot balance AA as long as the following conditions exist in the game

F-KEY + Unlimited Planes + No fighter squadrons + Multiple attack runs = AA must be OP and now CVs are less usefull thanks to murderous AA and other nerfs.


So here is a possible solution

  • F-KEY-It doesn’t need to be removed. Just have the CV players fly the planes out of harm’s way-hit the F-Key.
  • Unlimited planes-it’s an easy fix just increase the cool down time.


 2 out of 4 steps to balance AA but the next 2 are problematic--WG needs to figure these 2 out and unless it does so it will be very difficult if not impossible to balance CVs

  • As long as CV players have no fighter squadrons to control then AA MUST BE OP!
  • As long as CV players launch multiple strikes with a single squadron AA MUST BE OP


Change how these 4 factors work and you can reduce AA power and buff CVs. The community and forums have given WG all kinds of options on how to make rework work. I don’t want the RTS back and I want this to workThe RTS was ugly but the basic mechanics were sound the fact RTS was unbalanced was because WG nerfed US CVs so much that almost everyone switched to Japanese CVs. All WG needed to do was toss the RTS interface, keep the same basic mechanics and then improve them, switch the interface to 1st person and balance US and Japanese CVs


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