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perma AA damage mechanic is just so bad.

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right now once you enter AA bubble, CV should consider himself that his planes are on perma fire. Continuous Fire Damage is just pure stupid. There's no way to dodge this Continuous Fire Damage. 

Why is WG so against manual AA fire just like they did with their mobile version?

Couldn't they have done something like below? This is mixed version with WT and NF's approach to AA btw. 

AI controlled AA:

1. You implement crew system where you can spend points to improve various AA effectiveness. i.e. range, aiming speed, reload, repair AA, etc. You can also spend crew points to improve main armament related stuff. 

2. core mechanic is this: if cv's planes stay in one path for too long, crew's effectiveness - accuracy - gets higher and higher. it would never become 100% accurate but say, 80% accurate if CV stays in one path for far too long. 

3. in order to avoid taking damage from AI controlled AA, CV will continuously have to maneuver whether he's in preparation state or attacking state or returning to cv state. 

4. only direct damage would apply. 

Player controlled AA:

manual AA fire. crew effectiveness still take into account such as aiming speed, spotting range, reload, etc. However, once player aims CV's plane who's flying into one direction for more than certain amount of time(2~3 secs), player would score 100% accuracy - player points, shoot, and hit. 

If player is controlling AA, AI takes over player's place for main armament and engage the designated target (player will have to click the enemy before switching to AA position just like they do with secondaries). AI would engage enemies just like they do in Co-op mode. Except it is the player who has total control of ship movement at all time. 

crew points would be earned just like captain points. 


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