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WG AA detection of ships needs rework

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before the rework, AA ranges could be extended and the large AA detection wasnt a problem as you could start shooting down planes if they ventured a bit closer

Now everything has 5.8km AA and AA detection ranges are above 7km+. given how the planes have 150+ knots of speed, all a CV has to do is spot and the Spawn BB campers are all happy to shoot helpless cruisers.

Buff the AA detection to atleast 6.5km+ for cruisers so atleast the CV can be punished for moving aggressively


Also I forgot how fun the harugumo is. Got into a random match with no CVs and it was fun and engaging. ended up with 100k damage and 2 kills and no fear of planes which is how the game should be

fun and engaging

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You need to play the new CV's. I think you might just change your mind. They said they were making the flak zone DOT damage higher but they way over did it and ships that were not AA beasts yesterday are today.

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