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TO WG! Please create a set of tips, tutorial for the new CVs

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Up front here! I HAATED the old CVs. I LOVE playing the planes. Right now I am playing in the training room.  

Things I struggle with:

  • How much lead DISTANCE is needed to before starting attack runs
  • How much distance I need after the first attack run before turning to make a second attack run against the same ship. Often I end up turning too quickly so I can't get that second run in


@MrConway and @Tuccy had live stream video today. On that video MrConway gave some tips (for example, manually fly planes out of AA before 'F' keying back.)

Please create a tutorial for new players. The 'How it works' videos are a good start. BUT an interactive tutorial would be much better!

I am asking for an interactive tutorial where players can practice (with in game guidance) a specific tactic.

The differences between the tutorials and the training room as is:


  • guide the player 
  • set a goal to be achieved (i.e. less than X amount of AA damage received)
  • AA damage is NOT RNGed but rather a fixed value/second (minimize variables)
  • target bots have repeated predictable behavior to allow the player to practice again and again
  • player can play a carrier they do not have in game
  • The player has unlimited planes
  • The target bot has its course shown on the display
  • The target bot has its speed displayed.
  • Explicitly says "X km from target, click to begin attack"
  • Prompts player to click to start attack run, click to drop...
  • Less down time to practice the attack run (tutorial fast forwards to planes from launch to being near the target bot)

For example, 

Scenario 1: Target bot is unmanned:

  • Single target ship
  • The player is given a flight cone to follow to show the ideal path to minimize time in the AA cloud.
  • The tutorial shows how much lead is needed to hit ships:
    • of various sizes
    • doing turns away and toward the planes
    • as they change speed.
    • Show how much lead DISTANCE is needed for the target to be hit with the tightest target indicator.

Scenario 2: Dealing with AA

  • As before except that the ship now has AA turned on
  • The AA bubbles are visible so a player gets a sense of the penalty payed for getting close.
  • Player has to:
    • maneuver planes to get the ideal lock
    • try for the least amount of damage (tutorial has a minimum goal displayed)
  • Different ships are the targets including ships that have scary AA. (like Minotaur)
  • Show the effect of different captain skills on the planes.

Scenario 3: Multiple ships/ Multiple attack runs on same ship

  • Show how to attack a ship that has nearby ships providing AA defense.
  • Show how fly to minimize time in the AA bubbles.





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There is so much that Isn't told to the poor fool who tries to play Carriers. About 40% of the rage and frustration I had in after 0.8.0 [spits] was not knowing what the FKey I needed to do. I only figured it out by a few comments from friends, a few videos by CCs and lots of trial and error. 

Some of my frustration would be removed if CVs could have Target Lock like Every other ship in the game. Just so I could get the "Track the Locked Target" or that line showing where the enemy is pointed and lets you know if they are turning before you get to them. 

Heck I would love to have a Torpedo Lead Indicated like Destroyers have just to know where to drop these fish because I'm so Bad I can miss a straight sailing ship. 

Even with the HotFix this Carrier Rework has a long way to go. 

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While this would be nice none of the tutorials have ever taught more than the bare basics.

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The only issue I am having with CV's is with lining torpedoes. Since every time we slightly adjust or don't fly straight our spread widens again. 

However for new players things I would remind of is. Make sure to keep varying your plane speed and don't fly in a straight line. Try and dodge as much of the flak as you can (the black puffs) as those are what wreck you. Dive bombers. When you go up in a dive your circle will go forward but then it will move backwards slightly as you descend. Keep this in mind when lining up. Also remember that all planes will follow you through an attack run and will take AA damage so don't fly (at) a group of ships to do a single attack. Rockets are the easiest to use. It's better to attack a ship broadside for the most hits but if pressed you can hit straight on. Rocket planes are also generally your best for scouting and hunting ships so these are what you want to start a battle with. 

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