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T7 and bellow need AA fix

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WG, can you please look into the huge difference in damage per puff between a T7 and bellow and T8+.  The damage difference is practically double between T7 and T8 making AA for T7 and bellow terrible.

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You're bellowing? 

Bellow: a deep roaring shout or sound.

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now lets look at small set of AA suites shall we...

T6 Dallas           14 20mm, 12 40mm, and 6 127mm

T8 Cleveland     46 20mm, 28 40mm, and 12 127mm

T10 Worcester  24 20mm, 24 76.2mm, and 12 152mm


My suspicion is that each module type has a set of fixed values. For example, 20mm AA does x dps at x chance of hit rate. Well if that's true you can see...t6 to t8 has over 3x the 20mm dmg output and double the 40mm and 127mm possible damage output. T10 only nearly 2x the 20mm damage but the 40mm modules dang near double in caliber, along with a caliber increase on the 127's. Part if this balancing problem my be due to the fact each ship doesn't just have an arbitrary dps values assigned to it. This is one reason why I'm of the mindset +/-1 MM for CV's is the only real way to start to be able to fine tune AA vs planes. I could be wrong but it's my suspicion. 

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