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To WG - A Good Faith Effort

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WG - 


I've been very critical of the new rework. It's not hard to find out why. But I decided, in the interest of fairness, to try the new CVs and see how they played. I sold all my stake in the previous CVs and thereby forced myself to start over at T4. I've seen a lot of "discussion" about T10 CVs, but very little about the T4 and T6 ships. I've got about 50 games in the T4 and T6 ships, combined in both Co-op and Randoms. I was not a CV player before; I think I had 84 games in CVs over the entire pre-8.0 time I played the game - 84 games out of  the 6000+ that I've played.


If I understand your motives correctly, you want to draw more people into the CV world. I'm a prime candidate; I know the game well enough and I did not play CVs before.  And I actually like the look of the planes overall. So, from a low-tier player's point of view, who is new to the CV rework....


With Hosho, I'm running 30% WR, at about server average for XP, but only generating  only about 40% of server average in damage.

With Langly, I'm at 40% WR, 40% above server average in XP, and about 10% above server average in damage.

With Ryujo, I'm at 33% WR (with very few games), 15% less than server average in XP, and down a whopping 64% from server average in damage.

With Ranger, I have no wins (again, with very few games), and my relationship to server average in XP and damage is out of whack because of a Bismarck that got in the way of my planes (long story).


So yes, I'm still deep in the learning curve. But here's the thing - I'm finding the CV rework rather dull to play. hasn't seemed to hurt much at the lower tiers. I don't notice a significant difference. But if I need to damage a BB because of the situation in-game, I might as well just get a straw and shoot spit balls at the monitor. I can't help my team at all. I just left a game with 3 CVs focusing on a BB, and combined we could do virtually nothing to him. Damage in the Langley seems thin at best, and damage in the Hosho seems almost impossible. And though I have very few games in the Two R's (Ranger and Ryujo), I see the same pattern developing.


All of these ships seem to have a 1% fire chance. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of fires I've started in 50 games. 


I can't seem to find a reason to WANT to play these CVs long enough to grind to the next level, especially with the IJN line. I'll keep at it a bit longer, but I don't see this as a long term thing. I'm a DD main, and I'm not playing DDs right now. Don't get me wrong, I haven't had a lot of the problems that others have with DDs right now. I think I've found a way to play them, and I've had some success with DDs since 8.0 hit. But again, the style of play needed now is rather dull compared to what existed before. I'll go back to DDs again once the game stabilizes a bit, but not likely much before that. But today, as of this writing, I don't have any motivation to continue with the CVs other than the fact that they are a bit less boring than DD play right now. In my opinion, that's not a sustainable economic model for your company (I'm a senior manager in real life, with direct P&L responsibility at the business unit level, so I get capitalism and the dynamic you've created with your company (at least, as an outsider)). To make this viable, as a potential CV driver still in the learning curve, I need to do one thing - I need to be able to do enough meaningful damage to sink a ship once in a while, and simultaneously damage enemy vessels sufficiently to support my team. But the damage totals just don't seem to be there. 20k average damage on the Langley just doesn't feel like I'm contributing.


And to those that want to say, "git gud", and leave it at that - I've admitted that I'm still in the learning curve, so you can stow such comments. I get it. My point to WG is that they cannot allow the dullness of playing CVs to win out over the interest in learning a new ship type. Repeatedly flying to a target to get 516 damage points just isn't a great deal of fun. I've had 20 rocket hits on targets in T4 with no damage done. I've had torpedo hits with 1100 damage done, and a couple that I think were were under 1000. Fires and flooding seem to be very rare. And in T6, flying to a point and being stopped by a flak wall is equally dull, and I become a glorified scout plane until one of the enemy ships in the glob ventures too far from his comrades-in-arms.


And this is just one person's point of view. I don't claim to speak for anyone else. But I'm guessing that if I feel this way, others do as well. I admit that I'd prefer CVs be removed entirely from the game, as that seems to be the only way to actually balance them in very general terms. I offer this as an attempt to be fair, and see things from the CV point of view. I don't hate the CV rework, but neither do I like it sufficiently to keep playing the lines for too long. 

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First, let me congratulate you for giving the thing a try before crying wolf.

I somewhat agree with you on some items and not in others, I too only have low tier CVs and find myself doing little damage,... but not to the point of feeling I do not contribute to the match, often find myself in the middle of the scoreboard (and more or less the same for the other CVs in the match; in that sense it does feel that the level of influence I have is roughly equivalent to that of other ships.

I play the new CVs because I like the new gameplay style (didn’t have issues with the RTS style). WG will keep balancing these as it does with every other ship/class, but needs data to do so, so in the meantime just find some enjoyement in the gameplay and let WG do their job.

I for one welcome back the CVs to the matches, lately people became used to not having CVs in their matches and forgot what to do (basically start evasion before the attack run begins) and now they are suffering because of it.

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The T4 CVs, like many things low tier, don't do much damage.   The reason is that once you get to a target, it's pretty easy (with practice) to put ordnance on a target.  It's not good for the game to be able to do massive damage in low tiers. Alpha strikes are not good for low tier play.

I can almost always put at least one torp on a BB with each flight, and quite often can get two.  That's between 3K and 6K damage.  Not much.  But not bad either.   The other mitigating factor is time of flight.  It simply takes time to get there.  Again, this is a T4 (learning tier) thing.  Limited damage. Time of flight.

And then there's the spotting capability of those fast rocket planes.  Keeps DDs on their toes.  The learning thing here is the team play aspect.  If you have frinedlies shooting at the DD, then make one run with your rockets, and then stick around and spot.  Sometimes your eyes are a lot better than your bite.  If winning is the objective, sometimes that's what you've got to do.

Overall, T4 is slower play, less damage, and sometimes drawn out games.  That can be a bit boring.  But low tier is boring in general for anyone that has experience in the mid and high tiers.  

I'm enjoying my T4 grinds.  I'm grinding both Hosho and Langley.  I figure I'll be ready for T6 when I get there.


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