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[RANKED] Smoke Screen borders vs Boost Zone borders

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Hello everyone,

I am not an expert in ranked so don't throw my stats back at me. (:P) I have played a few battles in a few formats. At first, a few cruisers would engage in "questionable maneuvering" and upon their dying - whether by my hand or not - they would say in chat that they took the special zone for a smoke screen.

As you all know, the smoke screen gets less and less opaque as you approach it and it becomes easier to tell it's a smoke screen by the round border surrounding it - and the smoke is fully transparent in binocular mode.

I thought it was [edited] but then it happened to me so I thought I would suggest a fix. I know green and red are taken for team color coding so either have special zones that aren't ready marked in some color (let the devs pick that one) - and have the ones that are ready marked in gold (coz go for gold, amiright?). Either that or make either the border for smoke screens or the special zone into a dashed line (static dash line, as a rotating dash line may cause FPS trouble to players running older machines).  

Will post screenshots if able, or if someone else could, because the high load time has left me feeling like a liability to smaller teams in this season's ranked.

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