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If F key insta vanished planes (even after the patch its still a stupid mechanic) can we just bring back invisifire. Was playing a game and used my defensive fire, and like they are saved by David Copperfield, you just see planes fly upwards and go away.  Why make them invisible to other players? It is a very confusing to watch and kind of silly, im not sure how you chose to do it this way.

I get you are going to add a few seconds to the time they can be damages, but come on, unless you are adding 10 seconds, what is a couple hundred DPS of AA going to do?  If the planes are doing 200+ knots back to the cv why not just let us shoot them down.  Why make an unlimited resource so survivable? All it is doing is generating hatred and making things super confusing.  It is like shooting a shell at a ship and if I see I am going to miss hit F and I get my reload back instantly.  I think WG may have made this a CV game with non-bot targets.  Why even have the CV, why not use landbased airfields at this point.

Dedication to the game means I will still play but .. damn.. WG.. when Anthem starts looking like a viable alternative youve offially EA'd the heck out of this situation.


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The mechanic mimics planes reaching altitude and distance that renders them beyond the range of your AA. I don't see what the fuss is about the "F" key. If a CV returns the squadron to his ship then he can't attack you again until he has flown all the way back from his ship to where yours is. The rate of fire is lower than a BB's with much less damage. Note that the Hakayuru's torps have been patched so that they will be less accurate, slower, easier to see, have one less attack group per squadron, and the planes will be  more vulnerable to fire when heading back to the CV. I actually am afraid that the global nerf to CVs will negatively affect the USN CVs making them even weaker than they are. Currently the Midway is only moderately successful for a tier X.

Bourgogne, Hakuryu, Stalingrad, Conqueror, République, Yamato, Musashi, Graf Zeppelin, Henri IV, Großer Kurfürst, Taiho, Jean Bart, Montana, Alaska, and Zao do more damage per game than the Midway. Many more will probably supersede it after the hotfix.          

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