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Thoughts to fix CVs - I know another I know how to fix it.

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First I ask you to watch iChases vid:

He has some good ideas there.

But things that would make sense.  I understand 2 and 3 are in the works.  And yes I like CV games. 

1.  Like with RTS, make the planes load at the beginning.  20-40 seconds depending on the tier. Other ships load their Ammo too.  Other ships load their Ammo too.

2.  Limit CVs like they were before as well, up to T7 matches 2 CVs max (pretty much what we are starting to see) above T7 1 CV a side.

3.  F keyed squadron return is vulnerable to AA on the return path, you don't want to lose planes, cause you made 1 run and decide to pull back, either fly them out of the AA zone or take your chances.

4.  Take stealth torping out of the mix.

5.  Bring back Manual AA in some form.  I think iChase had a great idea on this.

6.  5 I think will help DDs in particular who are being harassed by Rocket Planes.

7.  Different Squadrons, should have different load times too.  Rocket Planes load/reload quicker than Dive Bombers which load/reload quicker than Torpedo Bombers.

8.  Remember I said I like CVs (enjoying the Ryujo which I think is one of the most balanced) and finally launching a squadron of planes, puts a blip on the minimap for 5 seconds. (meaning if you sit still and get shot at from across the map deal with it.)

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Im in for reducing RNG and increasing the player contribution in the interaction between CV squadrons and surface ships the added bonus of Akizuki line and Harekaze with proper manual AA is a plus to /^.\\

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Not sure if I like the idea of manual AA since it takes your eyes off the surface action in a game where positioning and angling can mean the difference between life and death.

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