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Sudden Thoughts for Aircraft and AA

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1. Lighter craft ( Attack/Rocket aircraft, some Dive Bombers ), instead of having a boost ability, would have the ability to perform Immelmann turns. Would allow for rapid 180 degree maneuvers, but would cost the entire boost bar, and could also be made such that the planes also end up at their minimum speed after the maneuver. (would also mean that the ability would only be available with a full boost bar). Just thought it would be a cool idea.

2. As aircraft stay in the AA envelope of a ship, a modifier is applied to the damage they receive. That is to say, the longer a squadron is effected by the AA guns of a ship, the rate at which the planes receive damage will rise over time. A suggestion for when a CV player decides to stick around a particular ship long enough to drop all attack charges on the one ship.

Open to discussion for the ideas, they just popped into my head and I felt like they were worthy of a thread for discussion. Also, any word if the DP secondaries would be animated for AA duties, at least when there aren't any surface targets?

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