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The Douglas BTD Destroyer and the AN-M66 Bomb

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The Douglas BTD Destroyer, as seen on the decks of the Midway in WOWS, is a real plane, though just barely as only 30 were produced. Although the ship would have been a strong dive bomber, none of these planes saw combat service because the dive bomber was rendered obsolete by the advent of attack fighters and air-to-ship rockets. Had the plane been put into production a couple of years earlier, however, it may have seen extensive use in WWII.

The AN-M66 was a very large bomb for the time, weighing 2000 pounds. Usually bombs of this size were carried by medium and heavy bombers. Most dive-bomber load-outs were in the range of 1000 pounds so to carry two 2000 pound bombs as seen in the game would have required a new and much more powerful dive bomber design. The BTD Destroyer was to be this plane as it was capable of carrying 4200 pounds of bombs.

One notable thing related to the plane is that the team that produced it went on to produce the A1-Skyraider, one of the best attack aircraft that ever flew.











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