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IJN torp planes need a bit of a nerf. (minor one) + Return heal back to dive bombers

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Right now the rocket planes for both US. and IJN carriers are pretty on par, no one is any better than the other.


The bombers the US ones are far superior to IJN ones. (I don't know if this is becaues the AP bombs are not working as intended or what, but I get MASSIVELY varying degree's of damage from the AP bombs. 8/10 drops I"ll have 99% of the enemy ship in my crosshairs yet somehow 1 bomb always seems to ghost through the ship and do no damage.) The U.S. HE bombers since you're coming in from top down will always hit the super structure and cause massive HE damage ontop of Fires.

(Again not to say the IJN AP bombs can't do awesome damage, but in comparison its super inferior in most cases)


Here's where my points start to kick in though.

Point 1:

The dive bombers don't get a heal, and they are more or less the most powerful arsenal of US Carriers, (and by far the most vulnerable for IJN) and they are easy to miss if you don't set up your engagement correctly, or have a bad drop resulting in much lower damage outputs and no fires. The fact their attack runs are twice as long as well sinec they not only need to come in but then also climb up then climb down, essentially their attack runs are 2x longer than a torpedo planes. I believe dive bombers should be given back their heals, as I barely get 1 attack off on IJN dive bombers before they all get wiped out. U.S. ones have higher survivability by a long shot, but still, 2x longer attack runs, and here's the kicker WGing... you can't dodge flak when you're in your attack run

You can however dodge as much as you like while torping...


Point 2:

The IJN Torpedo planes are the strength of the IJN Carriers as opposed to the U.S. carriers Dive bombers being the strongest. This is fine. However.. like reverse in the dive bombers, torp planes can dodge flak, and they get an attack run that's far less risky and far shorter in length than dive bombers.


While the U.S. carrier needs a long attack run if you want to get a perfectly straight torp drop, IJN torpedo planes do not. They get nearly a perfectly straight attack run within .5 seconds and can then turn sharply as much sa they want and keep that perfectly straight shot.

This doesn't seem right to me. While yes they should get a bit better scale of how fast, or accurate their torp planes are, I can literally turn as hard as I can on a dime with IJN torp planes and drop on hard turning DD's with pin point precision. This shouldn't be happening.


Like-wise Cruisers as well stand no chance against me in my IJN torp planes as I can out turn them and still drop a perfectly straight line of torps while in the turn itself.

I even found that coming in horizontally (So my planes are flying in the same direction as the ship is sailing, so they are directly 90 degree's to me) to my target is best with my IJN torp planes, as it doesn't matter then how or where the enemy ship turns, I just won the torp drop, since I can then turn to meet their turn and drop instantly with again pin point precision.


Battleships are even more screwed against me. It doesn't matter what they do, I won the moment my planes took off. Even if I drop coming directly at them, the the distance my torps are from each other means at least 1 or both will hit even with a direct on approach.. I won, period, nothing they can do about it and it doesn't matter how bad my drop is.


1 of 2 things needs to happen.


1) IJN torp planes need to get a maximum dispersion penalty in turns just like U.S. ones, but narrow in just as fast as they do.


2) IJN torps need to have a wider distance between them so you can't just drop straight on to battleships and auto win every drop no matter what.







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US has an easier time w/ DB since only HE, but I have used the IJN's AP bombs. They will citadel any cruiser or BB if you delay for the smaller aiming circle and drop right into the middle--takes practice, but I've done it against most targets, even citted a Montana.

IJN TB still seem to be the main weapon though, which explains why their aiming reticle narrows so quickly. Nothing wrong with them except arguably their ability to stealth torp, but if WG corrects the torps so they're properly detectable, it should be less of a problem. Torps don't do a lot of damage now unless cause flooding, and it takes a while for a CV to batter down a BB's massive hp when the torps do barely 3.3k damage individually.

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