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How to AA?

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Played this game a ton in beta and little off and on since. Always loved CVs but never good at RTS so I stayed away from them. The CV change. Brought me back though as I can actually play them now. However, i took my Des Moines out the other night as I've been fully AA spec'd forever and noticed I couldnt shoot down a single plane. Then I noticed my long range AA went from what I believe was 7.2 (?)km before to like 5.4km now. What happened? How do I AA now?

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hot fix that was announced yesterday, will likely fix most of this stuff.

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Most likely, you're not getting plane kills because they are jumping out of the squadron before the planes begin dying. It's an exploit. WG also said that they will be nerfing the flak damage and buffing the gunfire damage.

Nothing can be done about extending range... Captain skills and upgrades that did that were removed for, damage per second enhancements.

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