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cv rework base objective.

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The base objective in the rework was to limit the crippling effect of the cv to influence the game and to move the skill gap to make the class more level to play. So i have pretty much had double cv matches since the rework. I know that they are looking to balance the haq.

The thing is the below player was in my match this morning. And he is one of the players in the previous iteration of cv's would have effected the out come regardless of the other cv unless they were one of the top 10 on the server. as you will see from his pre rework stats 135 games and 90.37% win rate 113k ave dmg. max dmg 234k. he was a driving factor to make a case for the opness of cv's. well lets see how they did, 45 games and 57% win rate. so yes he is not able to simply win cause he is there, but there is more now 154k ave dmg and max game 450k...well.

I know that they will be nerfing the haq. So i have to say that one of the 2 objectives was met. He no longer auto wins if he shows up. however in the old cv play he averaged 175k in spotting now it is 72k. His destruction rate was taken from 28 to 3. in a lot of measurable ways they have done a lot better then the forums is giving them credit for. I believe in the next few hot fixes and updates we can see the balancing of the amount of dpm that a cv can do will be addressed. As well as the balancing of the aa. 

 Does it suck right now for any dd that is not the aa beast grozi or gearing, yes. I hope wg will buff the dd aa and make the over target time more painful as to allow for a dd to not be instantly focused down. They loss of spotting by dds and the effect that a dd has on the game would be a tragedy if the average game has 2 cvs and 1 dd. We have had a consistent meta of 3 to 4 dds per side which makes capping possible and to have cruisers capping is kinda silly. In this game I had with the below player who btw is very very good. my team was all herded into about 5 squares in the corner of they map inside of 8 minutes. the team with the ace had pushed a retreat so heavy that it was assured we would lose.

The ability for a cv to kill you regardless is a thing that i hope they fix soon. as I know alot of players that will not even play randoms but are playing ranked to avoid the cv's. I think they are on the right track and that they need to fix the balance very quickly if they wish to keep a mass exodus from the game. I think they will loose a good deal of players over this. wg please be quick about leveling the god like cv's. It isnt just about if they can win or lose the game for you. it is now about the unfun factor of knowing that you can be sent to port at any cv's will. that fact has caused all of the normal tactics to be abandoned. no dd's to spot or cap. as soon as the cv is headed in anyone's general direction they turn and run to anything that has aa.
if wg can learn anything from this debacle i am not sure. i am hoping that the game i love will be fixed soon. or at least playable. as in its current state. i am unwilling to play 95% of my boats. i can only play a boat that has god aa. otherwise the games are a tragedy. So like most of the people i know, ranked is my friend. let not get into the potatoes there.....




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