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WG, could you re-evaluate Hood?

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I've been playing hood with her buffs and, honestly she makes me feel useless now compared to before. Oddly enough though it has nothing to do with her buff though, least i don't think so. my main problem is even with her sigma buff, her accuracy for me has tanked. you know the -50% accuracy debuff you get when firing into a t-storm? That is hood for me every single time. While even before hood was not exactly a ship that could fight out of a problem, now I'm unable to kill anything  reliably at any range. I've reliably missed shots on bb's as short as 300 meters. I'm just asking if Wargaming can check if they did the math right, like if someone forgot to carry a 1 or something since I know that can sometimes happen in development. if it is just me perhaps it is time for me to leave the game. Not on the part of WG, but rather since it's starting to weaken my morale knowing that regardless of whether I aim true or not i'll still miss. While I've had similar problems across all my ships. Hood is the worst offender and the only one that would even have a chance at having something wrong statswise

I know everyone is focusing on cv the rework, I guess on the inside i'm just trying to confirm I don't suck at the game to the point I can't make any influence in a game. and if anyone decides to take this post seriously. I thank you in advance.

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