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No Capping has gone out of hand!!

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Yes there is CV in almost ever game, by no means i am asking for people suicide cap.  Just played the last several game and the theme of capping is only for DD is SO SO WRONG!!  The last match i played in there where only 2 DD in the game both die in the first 5 min.  No CA/CL or BB would go to any of the cap. Even when they where uncontested with cover, forcing me to go cap as a CV.  Even playing my DD today i cap out 2 of 3 caps make it halfway through the match get destroyed and watch the team camp the spawn well the other team moves in and caps all the caps.  At this point in the game all the DD have died and we get BB bow tanking out side of the cap and ca sitting in the back sniping.  OK that my rant.  DD are not the only class that can cap, if you see a cap and it safe to cap do it!

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