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Need advice for Hosho

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I'm restarting my IJN CV grind, but i found that with the one torp attack per wave and the unreliable damage of AP bombs on lower tiers, it's been hard to do decent damage. so could i get some advice on how to do more reliable damage and maybe a tip on which skills to take.

currently i went for the 2 speed skills and the reduce aa damage for planes, because hosho's planes  are too slow.

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Consider Last Gasp, AR, and Sight Stabilization.

I'm so bad with manual attacks, (a leftover from RTS I never mastered,) all I can say about getting hits is 'push in close,' then adjust how far you lead based on experience, (how much you miss...)


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The torpedo lead-angle has been something I've been experimenting with, too.
I launch and then use the "free look" feature to view the torpedo as it heads towards a ship.  It's been a trial & error experiment.  But, I'm getting better.

The Hosho's planes are fragile in the current AA environment (as are all planes, AA is shredding squadrons throughout the game).
So, with all the CV rework "features" and the recent tweaks that make aiming more difficult, playing a CV is challenging and not very rewarding (often a monetary loss, in my experience).

Sill, if you can get some hits on target and gain experience, you'll learn and improve.
I figure it is also helpful to use terrain to one's advantage and attempt to come in from where the enemy doesn't expect one to attack.

I've had to adjust my expectations regarding CV battle performance.  It is still possible to contribute to one's team, but it requires suitable approaches.

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