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Matches feel like two separate games now

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I'm not liking the changes to the game this patch.  No longer can I just play warships and focus on shooting my opponents and maneuvering properly.  Now I have to play the Air War mini game while also trying to play warships.

Oh, and it doesn't matter if anything is shot down or driven away, because they just keep coming back.  At least before the patch you know the Air War would slowly fade away through the match and allow you to focus on the fun part of shooting other ships.

This isn't fun and I'll just stick to Operations and avoid PVP until this settles down.  I play this game to shoot ships with big guns, not dodge air craft the whole match and only spend a small portion of the game actually shooting at other ships.


CVs are like the artillery of WoT.  They seem fun on paper but there's just no way to balance them in the game.  They need to be removed or there needs to be a way to toggle matches so there are no CVs.  I don't want to play this game if there are CVs running around constantly interrupting the gun battles.  I would play War Thunder if I wanted a mixed combat game.  There are only two CV nations anyway.  Just make CVs PVE only and give players the option of a refund if they want.

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Its going to be rough for a little while. Build for AA until this gets a touch of balance. This is by no means the final form, this patch is basically a balance test.

Air power does decline as the match goes on, the more planes they lose the less of that type they have ready. they regenerate slowly over time.

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