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Skewing the CV Vulnerability Numbers?

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When WG looks at the number of CVs sunk by surface ships and where and what  timepoint this occurs in the game, I wonder if they will be able to discern that some of us have gone berserker and out to kill CVs without consideration to winning, stats, etc. 

I did this myself yesterday for a while and had a stretch where I went 1-5 but sank 6 CVs and gave another 2 a good go (2 in one battle twice, they parked together). I have seen others who are apparently doing this. It was cathartic, but I have settled back down to playing WoWS, or whatever this is now. 

This post may be downvote bait, but I gave explanation and apologies in chat each game prior to doing this, and surprisingly got some support, some statements that other were doing the same, and no salt whatever. 

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The only issue I have with the CV hunters is they are not helping their team but because of the huge damage they will cause in sinking a single CV they will do really well experience wise. The real question is how do we punish those that do that but not those that find the CV(s) in normal play?

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