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Another random thoughts on CV reworks

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-AA Sector is too strong: it gives any ship the ability to obliterate 7-10 planes in 1 flak burst just because "we're attacking on the wrong side

-Damage from torpedo bombers is just pathetic and useless : 2k damage from 1 torp hit at Tier X ?  When rockets and bombs do 6k+ almost all the time on all hits and are easier to aim?

-I wanted to play subs when I heard about WoWs in 2014.  No subs, so I thought CV will be great them.  They were ok until that straffing mechanic detroyed the play.  So instead of removing that, the entire CV reworks now let me fly planes instead of sailing a ship and coordonnating attacks with many squadrons.  What was the problem with that approch?

-Single specialized AA ship can obliterated any squadron in a heart beat: on what real war scenario was this taken from?  No single ships could wipe a squadron in 1 flak burst EVER

Then, on the other side, CV can harash lonely ships over and over and over, with the exception of, you got it, AA ships.

All in all, what is missing with this reworks is give us the ability to shoot the machine guns from any flight and the World of Warplanes immersion will be total...


P.S: Midway went from King of the Game to kind of nohing, thx to this 'great' reworks.  Will try the IJN Tier X cv now and will comment back.\


EDIT: The CV selling doesn't work.  I sold back all 4 USN CVs and only got the XP for the Midway... another 'well tested' feature.

EDIT2: It was the first time I sold back my CVs so I thought I would get full free XP from them, but instead that's not what happened.  The patch note says: "

  • Aircraft carriers can be exchanged more than once. But all subsequent operations will convert the XP used for researching the ship and its modules across to the associated XP of the ship one Tier below. If you exchange Tier IV carrier, starting with the second operation of this kind, the associated XP will be transferred to Tier I ship.

", so I shouldn't be subject to this.

Then you have this line: 

  • Any associated XP earned by a ship that is to be converted will be transferred to a Tier I ship of the relevant nation.

So which one is applied?  Well, I didnt had the Erie in my port, but I purchased it just to find all my XP was there.  So WG is screwed us in using gold if we want to get back our XP that we already used gold from previously.  What a scam they are.


EDIT3: Hakuryu CV is night and day compared to the Midway.  Now that is a fun carrier that actually can impact the game.

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Been playing the new carriers for a couple days now...   -- now these Co-Op sample numbers are low, so bear with me...

Mind you, these numbers are WITH NO OPPOSING CV versus the old mirror match-up

Midway -- damage values dropped a bit, but still effective.  Planes make it through to attack on all three types.

Enterprise -- What the he!! happened !!!   This thing is a floating turd now...  Those planes evaporate in a T8 or T10 battle.  Basically feeding low tier planes into a high tier grinder.  Barely get any damage from torpedo planes for the few that survive long enough to make their drop..  DBs..  might as well leave them behind.

Lexington -- The planes are making it, and it can do damage.  Just not as much as before -- looking at 66% effectiveness.

Kaga -- Somehow, RNG favors the IJN..  The performance here is level, even though we are at a higher tier.  These planes are making it through and doing damage.  Kaga was - and still is OP.

SAIPAN !!!!!   !!!!!!   !!!!!!   This is the world wide wonder of overpowered superiority in this new game.  It skyrockets above it's past performance.  Used to be you had great planes but only a dozen each....  Lose them and you don't even have secondaries to do damage.  Now, you are the unholy God of War.

Ranger -- used to have tough planes that took a high skill level to do damage..  now...  give them squishy planes to do the same job.  I used to like this CV, and I tried and tried to make it work here..  Give up.

Ryujo -- Seems someone accidentally put the strength of the Ranger planes onto this CV and kept the speed of the planes.  This machine is now the T6 SAIPAN of the new 0.8.0.  It has strong, fast planes that can really kick a$$.  Ignore the Ranger -- go for this one.

Hosho,Langley...  ya well...  training wheels.  Skip past these two toys as fast as you can.




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