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CVs Don't Like High Ping

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So I'm in a Co-oP match earlier today in my Enterprise having a little fun dropping AP here and there, then my Ping skyrockets to over 400-450 ms half way into that match for reasons I can't decern and things went very wrong. I don't have a replay nor know if it would show what was happing on my screen, but I soon found out the camera is centered and anchored to one plane in the squadron, I presume the one that takes off first. This became a problem when all the planes decided to do what I can only describe as reshuffling their order with the camera plane zipping around in the sky around the mass of planes like it was on ice skates, the camera following it the whole way, and my bomb/rocket/torpedo target waved around like I was looking at it drunk, unable to tell where it really was. It was like trying to aim a shot from the perspective of a hyper fly. The squadron also never seemed to turn right, again feeling like sliding around on ice still trying to focus on a lead that was also moving around in an uncanny manor.

It was for the last 5 mins of the match and God my eyes hurt from it. Even here writing this I feel dizzy. I very could've been a problem on my end since it was my ping that had changed, the only time in all my matches today. 

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