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My issue with CVs has little to do with gameplay actually

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But rather, the choice of aircraft the carriers carry.  When we look at the plane stats, many of them are game numbers like HP and plane restoration time which can be changed at Wargaming's leisure.  We can see this with Lexington's Helldivers as both the TB and DB Helldivers have different numbers.

The Avenger torpedo bomber appears on exactly one ship, Lexington, and as a stock plane.  The same goes for the famous F6F Hellcat and several others.  The issue is also present with Japanese CVs, as the D3A Val isn't even available on the Shokaku anymore, only on Ryujo as a stock plane.  The Hakuryu looks like a mess, with Reppus doubling as dive bombers, and still having the twin-engine fighters as fantasy carrier planes.

With the new CV rework, we will be seeing the planes up close in our control way more than we ever did before patch 0.8.0, so I feel having the appropriate aircraft on CVs is important to the enjoyment.  Since most plane stats aren't rigidly historical, they can be changed to balance planes for their appropriate tiers.  What kinda gets me is most of the CVs had all their proper aircraft before the rework, so I don't see why it was necessary to move so many of them around.

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I agree, this is one area that WG can easily change and do nothing but make people happy I think.   They changed the Kaga from the PTS to have the A6M5, Tenzan and Suisei, which while still a generation of planes later than I liked, much better than the planes on Shokaku.  They definitely don't lack for historical planes during the war period, so I'm sure they could move most of the T8 planes to T10, bump up some of the current T6 planes to T8, then fill in the gaps.  If they want to stick to historically inspired stats this could be good for balance too, since then they have an excuse to standardize the plane speeds a bit more, which could help with smoothing out the power curve of CVs.

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