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Water Splashes From Main Guns Destroy Torpedo Bombers

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After watching a Flamu CV video post patch, it became apparent that if the CV knew what they were doing, the non-CV player could not dodge the torps by turning (or at least dodge all 3 sets of torps). One way WG can allow people to counter torpedo bombers (beyond pressing O) is to have water splashes from the main guns destroy torpedo bombers that fly through the splash. Main guns already make water splashes and black puffs from AA guns already destroy planes that fly thru them so it seems this would not be all that hard to implement if desired. This tactic was tried without success in WW2. 
Thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea? Oh mother of all that is fluffy whyyy this is a terrible idea? The thing I am looking for is more interaction/outplaying each other between CVs and non-CVs. Such is the game when a CV is not involved.

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While a shell splash from a gun would destroy a plane if they were unlucky enough to run into one it was a desperation move by the ship trying to use it. With that I say no.

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