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8.0 Patch tweaks and improvements we'd like to see

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8.0 was officially released with MASSIVE changes to the game. As it stands, it's either the bane of your existence or the greatest thing since sliced bread. This post will just be some things I've noticed since the patch came out, feel free to leave suggestions or bugs that you may have noticed.


During my time playing in the new patch, I've noticed a few bugs. For example the torpedo camera in-game. When pressing (Z) to follow released torpedoes the camera becomes glitchy. It looks like a slide show of images as the torpedoes move towards their intended recipient(s). Also when playing I could consistently hear the sounds of guns firing when neither myself nor others around me were shooting.



The AA sector system has awkward key commands, to pull up the sectors press (~/`) and then click on the side you want to reinforce. In the heat of battle that is a very awkward key to reach for and then to have to manually select which side is reinforced. It's just awkward, I would personally like to see the sectors have key commands. For example (X/C) would be a more comfortable reach when in the heat of battle. Also, I would like to see the BB sector switching time reduced. This is because battleships are most often the targets of air attacks, this isn't a surprise to anyone. They're big, slow, unmanoeuvrable and generally have a lower AA defence rating than cruisers. The 12s base switch time is just too long, carrier players realize which side is reinforced and then just attack the battleship from the not reinforced sector. By the time the reinforced AA sector has been changed the attack is over and of no use. The AA switch time can be reduced but again it's still too long and battleships are left to try and dodge the attack. I would also like to be able to target specific squadrons again, even if it doesn't even give any increase of DPS on that squadron. I want the ability to FEEL as though I can choose which aircraft I target instead of this praying to RNG. Finally, I would like a way of choosing how much I can reinforce a sector. For example, if torpedo bombers were coming from the port side and bombers were coming from the starboard side the ability to reinforce the port sector a little more than the starboard sector would give players the feeling of choice.


In the end, 8.0 has a lot of problems and if I'm being honest it feels like it was rushed out to us unready. However, the new rework has potential and all though myself and others will miss the chess-like feel of the old CV's the new rework promises to bring in new players. These are just my thoughts on what needs work and what I'd like to see be introduced into the game. I'd love to hear your opinions, ideas and thoughts of this rework, all I ask is that you don't rant about WG screwing things up or insult other peoples ideas. Have a great day! :D

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