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CV Rework Game-by-Game Feedback. (Wall-O-Text)

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Initial Feedback in Ten+ Games

Warning: Content may have been written between games, contain personal opinions, wall-O-text, and grammatical mistakes may be present. If you begin to feel nauseous or dizzy, or feel the need to criticize someone else's opinion, then please call Toll Free 1-800-Don Giva For assistance.

Tested CV: Coop match 1 in Ranger; nothing but me and bots. Back to being a Newb

  • Controls fight against one another. Either you overshoot any turns when using the "A" and "D" keys on the keyboard and/or the mouse is so weak on input that you can't get the same squadron to make those hard-banking maneuvers. Couple this with any lag spikes or delays and you aren't hitting a damn thing.
  • Thanks to the new "ZOOM ZOOM" playstyle, the annoying rocket planes always overshoot the target. I've got a solid .3 second delay via my internet provider. Beforehand, this was not a problem; not even for strafing with fighters. This delay isn't a problem for DD's, this isn't a problem for Cruisers, this isn't a problem for BB's. But sure as hell, this is a problem for the new planes.
  • Didn't accomplish nothing, got no hits on target with rockets and maybe one torpedo hit. Rockets completely overshot even with riticle directly on target. Torps and Bombers need practice but they at least managed to fire on time.
  • It was a bloodbath and I and the bots lost hard.

Tested CV: Coop match 2 in Ranger; Human team this time. Still Newb... but managed something... although I think CV's are no longer a option for me.

  • Because there is no "Middle ground" to the steering of these planes, I'm having to use the "A" and "D" keys for hard turns while using the mouse to dodge and turn on attack runs. Learned from the previous game how to aim but the delay is far more prevalent than the ships and I'm constantly fighting between the keyboard and mouse.
  • Rockets still suck. Reticle is off by nearly its whole lateral width.
  • Torpedos are easily made to hit targets and deal enough damage for multiple passes. Too easy in fact. Attacked one BB, flew over, A/D key'd to turn around after a few seconds and made another successful attack with a follow up torp.
  • Bombers need more practice with timing the initiation of the attack run. Lining up targets isn't a problem though as I can get those reticles close enough to the ship to nearly garantee a hit.
  • Got carried to victory and won.

The controls are clunky and with the delay, I'm pretty much barred from using the CV's. As such, I've sold what I got and will be playing back through them. I'm going to have to learn to NOT use the aiming reticle and instead fire ahead of it for the rockets. And that's going to vary each game because of lag spikes. If I end up on your team, I apologize in advance as you will likely be at a disadvantage. I do seem to be doing well enough with torps and bombers though...

Onwards to other Ships:

Random Match 1/10: Jean Bart 3pt captain Maingun Build. 3 planes killed. My team Lexington and Saipan vs Lex and something else...

  • Holy hell... immediately from the start, both teams were spotted. Lex and Saipan shot forward out of the gates and instantly spotted all of the enemy team. The enemy team, like-wise, did the same.
    Remained spotted until their first waves were destroyed.
  • Obviously non of the enemy CV's bothered me. Managed only 3 plane kills. Had some allied ships within my AA field but they died from other surface ships. Jean Bart default AA defense still undetermined.
    Plenty of ships on my team were getting hit. CV's unable or unwilling to support those with low AA values? Cannot confirm but all CV's were hitting targets left and right.
  • Obvious loss. Last ship on the board was a lone Jervis that couldn't do anything against the CV's planes and the CV's just continued to swarm his possition until they eventually hit him with some rockets. He did well to dodge most of the other attacks but he had ZERO chance as he couldn't knock any of those planes out of the sky and they continued to attack back to back.
  • Lost.

Random Match 2/10: Richellieu 14pt captain. Secondary Build. 9 planes killed. 2 T6 CV's vs. 2T6 CV's.

  • 30 seconds into the match, both teams spotted... seems to be a reoccurring issue here...

WG you might as well not even bother to try to expect other ship types to accomplish "spot X number of ships first" missions.

  • Game played as normal. CV's still doing stupid CV crap such as NOT spotting a enemy DD at our flanks. So Skill Disparity still exists... or would that be "Common Sense" disparity?

Other side of the map was loaded down with torp planes from both sides. Few planes went towards our side (the side with the least ships). It was a fluster cuck over there until everyone from that side got wasted. Giant circle match with our CV's having the bright idea of sitting at the start; only to realize that they had best run but of course was too late for that.

  • Rich AA works... more or less. DOES NOT help much in the way of defending allies though. Those attacks still got through perfectly fine.
  • Lost.

<<<Some damn Bug that froze the game while resetting captian skills>>>

Random Match 3/10: Cossack 10pt captain Consumable build. 0 Planes killed... 1 Lexington vs 1 Lexington... or whatever...

  • 1 minute in (yeah took 30 seconds longer) Both CV's spot opposing teams. Luckly only one side of the map is spotted and it wasn't mine.
  • We were losing, so I moved up to cap. Followed enemy planes towards their CV. Got spotted by torpedo squadron with no response at that point in time. Spotted CV, closed to engage. CV started spamming rocket planes dodged a few (or his aim sucked). Lost half my health trying to kill it, but did ultimately kill it. Proceeded to win the game.
  • Yeah, those rocket planes "don't do that much damage" but they sure as hell knock out every module from Aft to Stern. Took a solid hit and damn near died.
    IF you are in a DD and have less than 1/4 of your health, you are NEVER going to kill that CV.
  • One thing that stands out is the fact that my AA did nothing, even though that CV made multiple passes... now this match has left me to wonder if my AA was on or off...

Random Match 4/10: Grobe 14pt captain. Secondary build. Tier 10 1 vs 1 cv. Flopped and wth?

  • First side spotted about 1 minute in. No biggy. This thing is always spotted.
  • Ended up with the whole team lemming their way to the otherside of the map. I decided I'd test the AA and remain alone. Well... the red CV didn't want to take a bite so I ended up alone against half the enemy team. <Kinda expected really.
    Died quick enough  with a measly 30k damage.
  • But what I saw after was just screwed up. 4 ships on our team. 2 Minotaurs, a Yamato, and the target of the red CV's attack was a Iowa. Damn planes just blew in there lauched 6 torps and and force fed that Iowa 2 of them.
    Now i don't know what the hell kinda mechanic is going on here, but those ships were within about 5km's of each other. There was garanteed some friggin overlap. Those planes didn't give two [edited] about that though.
  • Then there's the red North Carolina that couldn't take out a single one of our CV's planes. Those dive bombers got through just fine with no losses. Bombed the crap out of it, then turned right back around to do it again. So... why exactly can tier 10 CV's get through some of the most powerful AA in the game without taking a single loss before dropping their payload? And just how the hell are any other ships suppose to deal with that?
  • We won by the way.

Random Match 5/10: Kron 12pt captain main gun build. 2 vs 2 cv's. CV's ignored me again.



  • Started off as usual. 1 minute in, CV's spotted everyone.
  • A gearing heading towards middle became their target... so in less than 1:30, both rocket squadrons attacked it. Took off 1/5 of its health right there out of the gates and lit it on fire.
  • Played agressively, made about 50k damage while pushing with everyone else kinda sitting back. Failed test to see what the Kron could do against planes.




So, looking through the skills and the new modules, there is almost no major benefit for wasting skill points on any of the Captain skills for AA defense without going all in.

10% boost to damage is crap when you look at the totals.

3 Extra puffs of clouds, when a ship already either spits out 5 or 14, isn't changing the fact that its still entirely controlled by RNGesus.

And the only other one that might be worth it takes up 4 friggin skill points but only if you are good with the sector selection.

So yeah, default AA is about as good as it gets for any of these ships as far as Captain skills are concerned.

So what about modules? Sure, this is where you get a few good AA boosts from. In exchange for reducing your effectiveness for anything else.

So point being, as far as I'm concerned, You build your ship for AA ONLY or not at all. There is no middle ground here.

Random Match 6/10: Fletcher torp/gunboat build 17pt captain. 0 Planes killed. 1 Graff vs. 1 CV. Finally got noticed...

  • First 1:30 seconds in got spotted. Took a salvo of rockets that stripped 2000HP off me.
    How the hell do I counter something like that. (Oh don't be a smart [edited]and say "AA build".)AA going, side selected and facing them. Still took 2000 damage from that attack and all within the span of 1 minute and 30 seconds.
    Only good thing is that our CV was doing the same to the enemy DD. Funny how I don't see that many of them running around anymore... maybe that'll change later on tonight. Mid-day however sees next to non of the previous 4 DD's per side.
  • Anways, cap'd mid, proceeded to move to torp a fleets worth of island campers. Ran into that enemy DD. Shoved a torp up its backside. Was spotted during the exchange of gunfire and hid behind a island... karma right?
    Well, being that the "fleet" of island humpers were mostly comprised of Des Moines and other radar vessels I was stuck there while the enemy CV sent his rocket planes at me.
    Had to bug out, took another hit from the rockets (about 1000 damage there) and then took a salvo from a BB firing HE... of all things. Oh well, got a kill I guess.
  • Still though... the hell are DD's suppose to do against those planes that don't take any losses and that can take a solid 2000 damage off of you before your engines even have time to warm up?
    Even better is the ease at which the rocket planes can fire away into smoke and hit the DD. I mean, I get it, Rockets are the anti-DD planes for CV's. But the damn things are guaranteed to get hits and they don't take any losses unless the DD in question is purpose built to take them out.
  • Won.

Random Match 7/10: Iowa Survival Build 16pt captain. 3 planes killed. Tier 8 2 vs 2 CV.



  • Once again spotted 1 minute into the game.
  • AA started firing on enemy planes, not spec'd at all for AA but had other ships nearby. Managed to down 3 during about 3 seperate squadrons.
  • Killed their CV as it was making its straight-line path along the border of the map. They apparently are way easier to kill if you can spot them thanks to players now not being able to WASD while flying.
  • Won.


Random Match 8/10: Des Moines AA/Concealment build 15pt captain. Kinda off topic...



  • A fail team if ever i saw one...
  • Nothing to report on the CV's this match other than our side's CV seemed not to know that his ship come equipped with its own propulsion system and can move from the base... of course this was only after the enemy came up and woke him with a 406mm slap to the face.
    The rest of the match invovled everyone too scared to push up on two cruisers. A Des and a Worchester successfully stopped 7 ships. 3 of which were BB's. You'd think that BB's would know how to overtake two friggin cruisers but this is a tier 10 game so obviously that kinda intellectual capacity is out of the question.
    Yolo'd and died with at least one BB that decided to push up with me. The other two, as far as I know, are still sitting there scratching their asses as they are slowly surrounded and burned to death. Will they learn something from this?... yeah probably not.


Random Match 9/10: Lightning Consumable build Tier 10 and 8 CV's 2v2. Heavy AA and radar in this match. Bunch of Des Moines everywhere.



  • Took longer than expected for the red CV's to start spotting people. took near two minutes as all four of them were countering one another with fighters in the middle.
    Luckily, my concealment vs aircraft is around 3km's. Managed to remain hidden for a time.
  • When I did get spotted, took a "hit" no damage dealt but it took out my engines. Repaired and continued on my way. Using the sector [edited], got 11,000damage on planes. No kills.
    DD AA is next to useless if it's not fully spec'd for the job.
  • Red Team kept spamming me with radar, no biggy, easy enough to avoid Des Moines and islands are impossible to shoot through so just waited till it ran out. Didn't get any torp hits in there, but did manage roughly 44k damage with guns and fires.
  • Red Cv's were the last ships on the board and points ended the game.


Random Match 10/10: Musashi. High caliber and Confederate. 2v2 tier 8 Cv's.



  • Somehow, Musashi managed to down 5 planes. But this whole game I was on a roll. Not one AA module or skill but took out a good number of planes... well, for a ship like this.However, I did take 2 torpedo hits right out of the gate. In less than 2 minutes in, torp planes came in and fired off two torps. Both hit. 5000 damage. <of course they did hit the TP protection thankfully.
    Was attacked twice this match and got hit twice. Nearby Allies packing some AA I assume did most of the damage to enemy planes. Somehow, where most other ships have had their AA nerfed, Musashi's AA is buffed... Ok... Not really sure what happened but I'm not going to complain here.
  • Did watch a lone Alscase get shot to hell and back with Rockets though. Our CV made 3 successful passes on him. Something kinda screwy there...



Follow-up Match: Gearing 15 pts. 1vs1 tier 10 CV.



  • This match was close. We were losing and by all accounts I was pretty sure we were going to lose. Went CV hunting with full health. CV spotted me with planes and then proceeded to send wave after wave of rocket squadrons. I took down maybe 1 or two planes total.
  • Each squadron was able to make full passes on me and from full health to dead in less than 5 minutes.
  • Again, this is nearly rage inducing. That kinda free reign is bull. With the old system, Gearing would have managed to avoid some of those strikes.
  • I'll say that the Red CV player was damn good at it. Slow down, turn left, turn right, he still hit me.
  • Either way, the rest of the team managed to make a comeback as I kept that CV occupied...
  • Won... but definitely pissed off.



Overall Assessment:

Captain Skills:



Do next to nothing to make me want to waste my points on them. They barely buff anything that is otherwise meaningful. No single skill is going to make any difference.

Modules: Considering the fact that modules are now the single most important part of setting up your ships AA, there is only one reason to even bother with any of them and that is to dedicate them for AA. Though they do enhance performance on a greater scale than the captain skills, they too do not have enough capacity defend you from attacks (as those planes will get through) and only help you to rack up plane kills afterwards.

With skills and modules together, you can chew through planes, rack up a ton of plane kills, but all at the expense of making that ship specifically built to deal with planes and nothing more.

Overall, Not impressed with the cost vs reward of choosing a AA build over what the ships default stats are. Still using my usual skills and modules and doing well enough without them and even avoiding some of the previous skills as they do not provide the kinds of benefits as they had before.

Only reason why I have some of the skills is for secondary builds on my BB and even they don't seem to notice the difference.


AA Sector Selection:



Not a fan of having to press a key so far above everything... but not the worse thing. I suppose it helps some, don't realy know but I do it anyways. If it made a difference I'm kinda concerned for what the performance would be if I didn't.

However, with all of the squadrons flying around, I makes me wonder if my AA is targeting the right things as there's been several times it's been nothing but a jumbled up mess in the air.


Ship AA Stats:



These I looked at for a while... I'd say you effectively made every single ship the exact same as far as AA is concerned.

The number of Bursts and the continous damage are the key things here. That % thing... ok. Yeah, 1.9km in  and you have the "short range" guns going. That one doesn't matter much because that's when the enemy planes have already attacked.

Shortrange= How many planes you kill after they've dropped their bombs.

Midrange and longrange are the "prevenative" AA guns and as far as all of the ships in the game are concerned, the key to them is how many puffs of smoke they put out and how high their continous damage is.

Those longrange guns gain next to nothing from skills and modules and typcially put out around 7 or so bursts.

Midrange is far more loaded with flak bursts upwards to 11 and 12.

A extra 3 doesnt' really sound like much and as far as I'm concerned, If RNGesus is going to hit those damn planes, then it is going to hit them. And the small bonuses to the continuous damage don't make much difference at all. 2000damage or 2200 damage doesn't seem like that big of a deal. The 4pt skill for enhance performance of sector selection seems like the most beneficial of any of the AA skills and modules.


CV Damage Output on the Recieving End:



Yeah, even I'll admit that the damage output varies but only if the wrong planes is used for the wrong job. Key thing is its capacity to constantly attack over and over again.

If/when people start to realize that planes have a specific job, it's goin to make everyone's lives a lot harder. Rockets wreck DD's moduels and take solid health off of it. Health that CANNOT be repaired unless yer sporting a Russian Bias... I mean "Boat".

Bombers are constantly getting through AA and hitting BB's and Cruisers. Definitely not the Instant-delete button that they once were but even with all of the AA I've seen in game, those CV's are still racking up kills and damage. And those torp planes droppin torps all over the place... I mean, sure those CV's are missing shots left and right but I'm concerned that they might figure out how to aim one of these years.

So, 2000 damage done to my DD in one attack. As well as getting blasted by a CV I was attacking, having half my health removed a piece at a time and losing all of my moduels in one attack. DD's are catching the brunt of this rework.

5000 damage done to me by 2 torps at the onset of a match. BB's probably gain the most from this rework as they are less likely to be instantly deleted, but they are practically unable to counter CV's at all. Can't stop the planes from coming and they will be taking hits from every pass.

Cruisers... ah, they are always getting shot to hell by everything. If it's a AA build, it might be holding its own, if not, it's probably dead after a few squadrons are sent its way.


The Elephant in the Room: One thing that NEEDS addressing!



WG you have got to put a timer on the damn planes taking off. You can Boost damage output JUST A LITTLE. OR you can slow them damn planes down some. Or something else.

But! Those planes spotting everyone on both teams at the start of the match has to go. Either that, or you'd best remove any and all of the missions/tasks that require other classes to be the first to spot ships. Cuz that crap aint gonna happen anytime soon with these CV's planes all over the place.

DD's are the most impacted. They get spammed to hell and back, but a "timer" (<I say timer, but alternatives are welcomed) on takeoffs could settle that down some. DD's can't go after CV's anymore because the moment they get spotted, they've got waves of rockets heading their way. Unless spec'd for AA, they are nothing but sitting ducks.

Cruisers... ah, they either spec for AA and take out planes or hope to god that there is someone nearby with AA that they can bum off of.

BB's seem to have gotten the better end of this deal. They are always already spotted, so no loss there and the damage reduction of the planes means less KO's... at least until people start realizing how to us AP bombs.


Silver Lining:



The actual gameplay feels... "better"... I guess. With the CV's filling the slots of other ships, that means 1 or 2 less cruisers and/or BB's on the map. Which, depending on which ship you bring into battle, helps you out. And being that CV's aren't out nuking ships off the board, they are not as much of a problem as they once were. A few good CV players seem to manage, at least partially, to counter their rivals but CV vs CV seems to be lackluster at best.

I'll give you props on the way this turned out... at least for now... even though I can no longer play them effectively.

Get the 1 minute spotting issue fixed, give DD's a chance to actually approach a CV, and make some of the AA skills worth investing in again and I'll give you a pat on the back.


Now, as stated above, this is Feedback and what I witnessed and experienced in the first 10 matches. For those who were listening in on my criticism of how the rework was going in other posts, my response is: It turned out better than I thought it would., but there is certainly plenty of issues to iron out.

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