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My 2 cents on the rework.

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So after a couple days of the rework being out and my ability to actually play some, I thought I'd weigh in on it.

Before, CV were a very niche ship class that only the elite inhabited at the higher tiers (VIII, IX, X) that carried enormous weight for the team's chances of winning. A few simple mistakes can take you out of the game completely. In short, overwhelming and unforgiving with a high skill floor and a skill ceiling that was actually scary to think about.

As of Jan. 30, that all changed with the long awaited CV rework. The goal of such rework, to my understanding, was to create a more user-friendly experience and get CV player numbers to higher, healthier levels. I think they succeeded in that regard.

Removing the limit to the number of aircraft a CV carried was one I was somewhat unsure about, but ultimately made sense. Having to play so passive and waiting for a goldilocks-like moment to strike is not terribly engaging, so changing it to the only real risk of short-term strike power and longer re-launch times makes for a much less stressful experience.

I personally really enjoy the new carrier gameplay. It feels a little more... intuitive. And I'm able to focus on attacking much more, which I like, as opposed to micromanaging up to 6 or 7 squadron's actions at a time.

Something of note: IDK if this was a common problem ammong older CV captains, but DD were a B@!ch and a half to try to kill pre-patch, especially when they are coming to kill you. With the different Dive-Bombing mechanics and the new Rocket mechanics, I feel like I can actually deal with a flanking DD confidently. (rockets are iffy with aim though, which is ok.) And sure we'll get DD mains start complaining that they're being shafted and whatever, but they'll figure a work around out soon enough.

Torpedo bombers just suck though. Tiny damage, super slow. Not a huge fan ATM, but the DB damage is quite nice though. Upwards of 11k on a good strike.

All in all, I like the rework, CV is fun to play again for me, and I'm having a good time.

Side Note, I think we all forgot CV existed for a good while there, and we forgot how to deal with them. Guess we'll just have to re-learn that they do in fact exist, and they fight much differently now.

Aaaannnd let the downvotes flood in because I said something positive about Carriers. Yay.

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I also never really played with all my CVs collecting dust for the past three years . But I gave it another go with this upgrade and I'm really enjoying playing CVs and I am 100% sure that tweaks and minor or major adjustment are sure to follow ones WG starts getting the data in

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Hello, I am in the other camp I'm afraid. I was slowly working on the USN CV grind. Had just recently researched and purchased the Lexington when I found out about the rework. I was really hoping I would like it. So far for me personally it has flipped CV's from my favorite to my least favorite. I just never really played air combat simulators and this is what it is to me. 

This is fine, I'm not going off the deep end. I will just play the other lines and port my CV's for Co-op only. Never know when there may be a event that is CV specific that will include Co-op play. It's okay, the game changes and players will need to adapt. As mentioned in some of the posts before there were a lot of people who had either avoided the old style of play and sold or mothballed their carriers. Then after the rework they enjoyed the air simulator version and found success. I am just in the opposite. I preferred the old style and have not really had any success in the new. I'll still play, just will be non CV in random. It will be a wait, but will see what the future holds for submarines. I enjoyed playing them in the Halloween missions last year.

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