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My last thoughts about CVs? (Videos added)

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I’ve been here since the very beginning of the first stages of Closed Beta. I started with CBT Saipan and I had no clue what I was doing. I had no clue how to play defensively. After the game was released, I tried to stay on the US CV Line but with their loadouts I gave up. I ended up going to IJN CVs. I like Hosho, I enjoyed Zuiho, I loved Ryujo, I sucked with Hiryu, and Kaga was okay if Saipan was not in the same battle.

The only video that I used to learn how to play CVs was an early WoWS video that mentioned to never stay still and so I never stayed still. Everything I learned to play with Ryujo I learned in the battle. I almost never played Co-op. I only played Random. I kept up with my team and I supported them the best I could. I communicated, I scouted, I moved, I defended myself, I shadowed the enemy team, I capped the cap and my Ryujo was more than willing to fight in close quarters combat. Not many played like me. My eyes were the eyes of the fleet, but those eyes are gone now.

My Ryujo is mothballed because I would consider her unplayable. I have my Kaga so I used her for the new CV gameplay. I had fun, I admit it but it was not the same kind of fun compared to my Ryujo. Even now, CVs still don’t play like me because honestly my tactics have barely changed except for one thing. With Ryujo I didn’t care if I win or lose because I did everything I can to win the battle and I still had fun. With Kaga, I just don’t care if I win or lose because there is little I can do.

Much like Ryujo, I steamed toward the safest route but there is one difference. My route is only a one-way road. I will not turn back because I can’t turn back. I will not turn back because I stopped caring. Kaga was a battleship. She can and she will defend herself. The closer I get to the front, the faster my planes attack. The faster my planes attack, the faster I switched planes to attack. When I am attacked, my guns will shoot. When I am attacked, I will still be flying my planes. When I sink, then I leave.

People can say playing the RTS CVs required skill but playing with the current game-play requires significantly more skill. People can say that CVs now have to play with the same limitation as the other ships but they forget one thing. CVs do not have the ability to track a target like the main guns. CVs do not have a leading indicator like torpedo launchers. CVs have to lead on their own in order to get an good attack. I found that if I wanted to hit a target I would have to lead by about three ship lengths in front of that ship and even then, nothing would hit.


  • No one can tell CVs what to do because they can't do it as effectively as they did before even if no one ever did
    • Sink a DD? Why waste time?
    • Spot the enemy? Why would I help you if I only have one squad to play?
    • Turn around? I'm already a ghost ship sailing and I have better things to do than attempt to turn a ghost ship around

These are my recommended changes to make CVs play a little better

  • Let CVs be able to be controlled while having planes in the air
    • Even let CVs control their guns because they cannot defend themselves even if they had guns
  • Give planes a tracker or a leading indicator to allow players to actually hit their targets like other ships. Their torpedoes can still shoot randomly but this would allow those planes a better chance to hit
  • Kaga is playable now because her only fear now is AA

I've been on hiatus from WoWS since August. With how CVs are now, I will be on indefinite hiatus because CVs just aren't as fun as they were before. It sucks but sometimes you can't fight change. People hated CVs before, people will still hate CVs afterwards. There is no good solution that will appeal to everyone. Later all, there's no use playing something that is not fun anymore. I might come back but we will see what happens until then.

I found what I always enjoyed about CVs, it's the view

  • The view of watching my planes launch
  • The view of watching my attack runs
  • The view of watching my torpedoes and bombs hit
  • The view of watching my secondary guns fire
  • The view of watching myself maneuver my dodge incoming shells, torpedoes, and bombs
  • And the view of watching a ship that is almost always guaranteed to sink me get sunk by my secondary guns

I just had a battle with Kaga where I sunk a ship with my secondary guns, I just had a battle where I got 39 secondary hits but I did not see any of them happen. I did not see myself sink a ship, I did not see myself fire shell after shell into a Iowa. None of that I saw.


Enjoy my IDGAF tactics

Compare my tactics, they've not changed much



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