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Destroyer DFAA cooldown Bugged

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Testing out some new AA stuff.

The DD DFAA consumable has a 2 minute consumable recharge for both the standard and premium instead of the 120s standard 80s premium. This is reflected in battle and is not a UI bug. Was this an intended change or do DDs just have something weird about their DFAA that was unintended. This is the same for Nicholas, Farragut, Mahan, Sims, Benson, Kidd, Fletcher, Black, Ognevoi, Udaloi, Grozovoi, Gearing, any DD with DFAA (I think that's all of them?)

I did send a support ticket but have not received a reply yet.


DD (Gearing) DFAA cooldown.


Des Moines (Cruiser) DFAA cooldowns. (It is 114 and 76 seconds because of the -5% consumable cool-down flag)

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