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Moving CVs via the map view and directly

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Right so I guess this is a PSA or something, been seeing a lot of CVs in random not moving at all and while I'm 80% sure some of them are just bugged out, AFK or...ahem 'special'.

 I figured I would make an actual effort to teach at least one person out there who actually doesn't know and happens to read this how to move their CV:

There are two ways, to move your CV by using the map mode and by taking direct control. 

1: Map mode, you'll be using this mode the most you access it by hitting the 'M' key on your keyboard and then using 'Left mouse click' to set a waypoint. Also you can hold down shift to do this multiple times making a path. 



As you can see you can use the minimap to keep track of where your ship is set to go and where the enemy is, you can also simply go back to the map mode my hitting 'M' use the '+' or '-' keys on the right hand side of your keyboard to in/decrease the size of your mini map. ( I suggest a halfway point, not so big it gets in the way but big enough to read things on) you can further set things like last known positions and other useful info by hitting the gear icon on the top right corner of the minimap. 

2: You can also recall your planes and control your ship directly (or do so when you have no planes up), this is no different from what you are used to, you can call your squadron back by pressing the F key. 

Remember you can also set your secondary guns in this mode: 



Not much else to say, have fun out there!

Edit: I'm a lier, remember not to set a waypoint directly behind you as it will force your CV to reverse instead of turn, this can be useful but for the most part should be avoided. 

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